Bhog Sponsors

Bhog Sponsor price list:

Shasti : Evening: £100

Saptami:Afternoon £100;Evening £100

Astami:Afternoon £150 ; Sandhi Puja £150; Evening £150

Nabami:Afternoon £100; Evening £100

Dashami : Evening £100

Laxmi Puja: Evening £100

Kali Puja: Evening £150

Please note there will be multiple sponsors for one Bhog.

Request all those wishing to sponsor a Bhog to please confirm bhog for Afternoon or Evening as the Bhog Thali will be prepared accordingly.

Please mention Your Name, Family Name, Bhog Day and if you wish to sponsor in the Afternoon or Evening & your Contact Number in your Paypal transaction.

In case of any queries please email :

Bhog Sponsors for the year 2019

Shasti Puja:

Mrs.Ruma Ghosh & Dr.Surajit Ghosh

Saptami Puja:

Mr.Sourangshu Roy

Mr.Abhishek, Mrs.Kajori & Sashwat Ganguly

Dr.Sudip, Dr.Mousumi & Neha Sinha

Aastami Puja:

Mr.Sourav Das, Mrs.Antara & Ojaswini Das

Mr.Pamir Mallick, Mrs.Moli & Arushi Mallick

Dr.Simal Saha, Dr.Sikha Saha, Lyon & Neil Saha

Nabami Puja:

Mr.Samya Bhattacharya, Mrs.Paromita & Sandrota

Mr.Sumon Ghosh

Mr.Ganapati Sahoo, Mrs.Sonali & Neil Sahoo

Dr.Anup Chowdury

Lakshmi Puja:

Mr.Ram Vadlamani, Mrs.Reena & Krish Vadlamani

Kali Puja:

Mr.Pradip Gupta & Mrs.Jayanti Gupta

Mr.Kali Singh, Mrs.Debashree, Sriyan & Kashvi

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Dear All, Unfortunately we are not celebrating Durga, Lakshmi and Kali Puja this year due to the unprecedented circumstances arising out of the ongoing pandemic, however, if you wish to donate to our cause you may still do so;
it will not only help us to continue with the various cultural activities planned for the year ahead, but it will also prepare us for a bigger celebration next year to make up for missed time. We thank you in advance for your donations.

Leeds Durgapuja & Diwali Association