Our Team


Late Mr. Purnendu Kumar Das


Dr. Sikha Saha


Mrs. Gita Roy

Dr. Simal Saha

Mr. Ram Vadlamani

General Secretaries

Dr. Sourojyoti Basu

Mr.Samit Ghosh

Mr. Abhra Bhowmick


Dr. Surajit Ghosh

Dr. Debashish Pal

Mr. Sourav Das

Public Relations

Mrs. Ruma Ghosh

Mr. Gopi Roy

Mr. Arun Das

Cultural Secretaries

Mrs. Debbani Ghosh

Mrs. Sudeshna Pal

Mrs. Sumana Basu Mallik

Social Secretaries

Mr. Kali Singh

Mr. Bipradas Rajbongshi

Mr. Utpal Majumdar

Media & Event Secretaries

Mr. Atanu Biswas

Mr. Pamir Mallick

Website Secretary

Mrs. Reena Vadlamani


Mr. Arnab Chakraborty


Mr. Kashinath Gone

Mrs. Chandana Gone

Mrs. Anita Roy

Mrs. Mira Das

Mrs. Anima Bhuiya

Mrs. Jharna Debnath

Dr. Subhash Halder

Mrs. Indrani Halder


Mrs.Sonali Roy

Mrs.Ruma Roy

Mr.Nilue Roy

Mrs. Dipika Roy

Ms.Durbali Roy

Mrs. Antara Das

Mrs. Anindita Bhowmick

Mrs.Moli Mallick

Mrs.Debashree Singh

Mrs.Kanika Rajbongshi

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Dear All, Unfortunately we are not celebrating Durga, Lakshmi and Kali Puja this year due to the unprecedented circumstances arising out of the ongoing pandemic, however, if you wish to donate to our cause you may still do so;
it will not only help us to continue with the various cultural activities planned for the year ahead, but it will also prepare us for a bigger celebration next year to make up for missed time. We thank you in advance for your donations.

Leeds Durgapuja & Diwali Association